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Gladiator Design

The oversized mouth and chunky body of this saltwater popper produces a massive splash and bobbing action which attracts predatory fish from afar. The big carved out eyes facing down also assist with impulse strikes. Even in smaller sizes (80g, 100g) this surface popper can chug some serious water. Due to its compact and stocky body, this popper also casts well against the wind, when necessary.

This lure is like a bulldog: short, stocky and looks mean. It has a fat head, biggest cup-face, insert eyes (that are angled like a "bad-boy logo), and deep cut neck that goes into its short, round body. This GT lure can call beats from the abyss and surrounding predators will likely become curious as to what all the commotion is about. Even with winds, the short-rounded-stubbiness of this lure makes it easy to cast in practically any direction.

The large cup scoops quickly and can handle being retrieved in rough waters. The Gladiator popper is a harder lure to learn and the challenge will be how far to yank the rod back on the pop/sweep with such a large-faced cup. Once the right distance is learned, the other challenge is physical. Throwing this lure on longer fishing sessions can take a toll on your body, but some of the most violent strikes have been taken on this lure. We recommend using this lure in medium to choppy sea conditions.