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The Crusader Popper

The long and triangular body of this saltwater popper lure produces a great aerodynamic torpedo action allowing for long, accurate casts which are often required. The angled oversized mouth creates a skipping splashing commotion mimicking an irresistible wounded baitfish.

With its triangular body, a flat-belly, high rounded back, an angled cup and longer head that goes into a short-cut neck and one of the longest poppers in the PW lineup, the Crusader is one of the most popular poppers and the easiest (based on customer feedback) popper to "pop". The flat belly of the lure glides smoothly over the surface while the angled and long head throws an even amount of water on a sweep-and-stop retrieve.

When utilizing a normal quick-crank retrieve the Crusader creates a lot of top water disturbance that can appear like an injured fish fleeing aimlessly. This lure is perfect when you need to cast a far distance and works best with flat water to light surface texture and wind below 10 mph. We do not recommend using the Crusader popper in choppy water given the longer length (for 100g+ weights) which might lead to tumbling if yanked too hard and get tangled in the leader. The flat belly that's specifically designed to glide nicely through the water column can be a drawback at higher winds because it creates a surface to catch and drift in the direction of the winds. This popper is recommended for calm to slack water conditions.