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Charles Cintron
Owner - GTFC
GT FIGHT CLUB is excited with our new exclusive distributorship of Pelagic Warrior Lures in Hawaii and look forward to adding them to our current lure lineup. We used these lures during a tough bite and they proved successful in getting fish in the boat when we needed it the most. Mahalo Pelagic Warrior Lures for adding GTFC on the agent list for your lures".
Rock Wyrsta
Owner, Rock Expeditions | Director, GTPopping.com
"In a market dominated by expensive collection pieces, PelagicWarrior has been able to create a range of high quality, fish-producing lures that are a great value - making it more affordable for the average angler to have confidence in what they are presenting to trophy fish around the world. I was particularly impressed by the build-quality, simple yet attractive finish and durability of the Crusader series so much that I have now requested a full contingent to add to my traveling weapons cache of lures".
Capt. Jack Sprengel
Owner - East Coast Charters
“Flat out one of the top three tackle guys I have EVER done business with. Professional, prompt and accurate in communication and a pleasure to do business with. Popper quality is sick. PW uses many many coats of finish so it’s smooth, durable and better bang for the buck. Finish and hardware are top of the line".