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Pencil Design

Brand new additional to our arsenal for 2019, the Pencil Popper is long regarded as a staple in any fisherman’s tackle box and is now launched by PW in a GT size lure form factor.

The pencil popper is designed to be worked with ease from novice to seasoned anglers. Its sleek design and tail weight allow for long casts into the strike zone to cover more water. Its versatility comes in its ability to be worked at any speed whether it be lake like conditions or three to four foot blown out chop. While on the hunt, make long casts ripping it back with short pumps of the rod tip to search for reaction strikes from angry fish or work it slow twitching it side to side in the strike zone to frustrate fish into biting. Time it right and make long sweeps of the rod to leave a bubble trail in its wake. Suitable for most sea conditions.